If you ever wondered what happens underwater when the sun goes down, you should do the night dive. Using torches to explore underwater is an adventures and amazing experience. You can choose to do night dive separately or as part of tank trip and night dive combo.East Coast diving is completely different. The currents from the Gulf of Oman bring multitudes of exotic fish and a greater diversity of marine life compared to the West Coast. There is a wide choice of dive sites including reefs, wrecks and rocky islands offering tropical marine life. Depth range between 8 meters to 30 meters with the exception of Ines, a deep technical dive site located at a depth of 72 meters. The East Coast is easily accessible from Dubai, taking around 1.5 hours by road.
  • Customer can choose between 1 tank trip, to different diving locations, These includes tanks and weights.
  • If the divers want to use full equipment, additional price for equipment rental charges of 100 AED will be applied.
  • Customers can enjoy refreshment of the boat.


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